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Exclamation National's Sun King rises again on the MD-90!

BAM! There's the Sun King to kick it up a notch!

I hate the current National Airlines livery. I like my GJ 757, but man that livery is so UNINSPIRED. You'd think an airline that gets the name of one the historic greats of our commercial aviation history would have put more thought into it instead of settling for what I think looks like a cheap cable infomercial.

Whew, that felt better. The Sun King of the original National Airlines was one of the most recognized airline logos of its time and in any updated version of National that I'd be doing, I had to start out by updating the Sun King himself. Yup, it's still a sun, it's still got that orange facial profile, but the look is more modern. And you betyerass the new Sun King is going on the tail fin.

I messed 'round with this livery a lot, too. I wanted something that evoked that sunny warmth the old livery did (yeah, so Fly Me....), but I wanted a livery that looked modern and slick without looking too partylike like the old ATA livery did.

The best way was to choose the colors carefully, keeping most of the old colors of yellow and orange, but adding gold and pale yellow for some visual interest. I decided to keep a more or less standard cheat line of the colors for a dignified look but flared them out at the tail for a little pizzazz.

I really find what Northwest has done with their livery refreshing and had that sort of approach with this livery, hence the pale yellow broad band running down the fuselage capped with a white top. Only this time I wanted the pale yellow to go up the fin. Like I've said before, I hate too much white. Note the white lower cheatline as well to set the colored lines out from the polished metal belly (another one of my favorite looks).

Maybe I'll toss this one up on a 757, too!

Piss on noise abatement!
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Thumbs up

Sweet! Very nice, Doc!

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Thumbs up

Looks kinda retroish! I like!
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Looks great, Doc, but I notice one problem. The lower rudder hinge makes the Sun King look like he's frowning or worried. What if you enlarged the Sun King logo so part of it ties into the fuselage? (Similar to what Hawaiian did with the Pualani on their latest scheme.)

Other than that, I think it looks excellent.

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Exclamation We got totally sh*tfaced tonight at the Chicken Works, and this resulted....

99 Bottles of beer on the (hiccup) wall, 99 bottles of beer.....

Well you should have seen what happened at the Chicken Works shops this evening. As is our usual routine, we like to have our staff meetings with plenty of Shiner Bock to go around- it makes the mind less inhibited! At any rate, the guys who did up the Republic 737-700 and the National MD-90 guys got really tanked off their a$$es and a brawl ensued after the Sun King camp got huffy after the "Hermanators" made fun of them for being so uptight and conservative. To make a long story short, half of the staff of the Chicken Works is now in the local emergency room getting all stitched up after one helluva bar room brawl.

Those that weren't injured decided to redo the National MD-90 livery. They all still had a pretty damn good buzz going but man, did they go for broke on the next revision.

First of all the Sun King logo was again modified to look a little more like the older original logo but with enough color and shape adjustment to look as modern as ever. Notice the Sun King's looking upward a bit compared to the original real logo.

Colors were kept the same except for the addition of slightly lighter shade of orange.

The tail logo this time was set off a bit instead of being completely on the tail- is it rising, setting, or were we just too drunk to center it? Who knows, it looks good there. By setting it back a bit we could add smaller titling like the old National had on their tails.

Today's catchphrase is SUPERLOGO. I'm in love with these things, they let you break up the monotony of any fuselage coloration. I enlarged the logo for the forward fuselage to give the appearance like the Sun King is "leading the way".

Well, to hell with cheatlines, I went for broke and decided on slanted parallel bands of color that repeat near the tail. I tried some sweeping arcs like I had on the Texas International, but they didn't quite do it for me. I used a slightly lighter shade of orange so you could still make out the Sun King superlogo on the forward fuselage.

Screw the color white, too. Anything that wasn't a shade of orange or yellow on the fuselage was made polished baremetal. It gives a nice contrast and effect to the brighter yellow/orange bands. With the colors this bird has, you bet it's gonna really reflect that sunlight at ANY altitude.

I think this version, despite its origins in a drunken bar-room brawl (how most important decisions seem to be made in Texas to tell y'all the truth), makes a much stronger visual statement that the first version I did above.

Opinions? (hiccup)
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Thumbs up I'm diggin' this version 2.0 BIG TYME!!!

Two thumbs waaaay up Doc! You're really becoming quite the designer! Perhaps I SHOULD make good on that (idle) threat to start a studio with you! heh hee...

I really like this one. Good thing you guys do a Friday for Wednesday thing and party it up mid-week at the Chicken Works! Very classy and very fresh... I even like the titles better than v1.0 despite their being essentially the same.

Not that v1.0 was bad mind you, but I think you were right to re-address this bird. the earlier one was more conservative, but would have done many an airline proud. The later version? BAM! waaaay new league! You'd see this baby comin' from miles off!

It reminds me of the JAS rainbows, (in their many iterations) although not literally... but very appropriate for a National re-do. I particularly like the small titles on the tail. Quite reminiscent of the original.

I like the logo MUCH better! I was having a problem with the logo revamp on the v1.0 and hadn't posted anything yet as I was trying to put a finger on it. As I said in Email, I thought you might try to go back to the original Sunking and take off from there. The result is SO much better.

I think that your earlier logo had too many colors and not enough "rays" (for want of a better word for those buzz-saw teeth) on it. It was also a bit squashed looking. This new one really fits better. The tilt is a good idea and the thinking is on target, but somehow it creates an inference to a line that doesn't quite jive with the others on the fuselage. It looks like the logo is fighting the stripes a bit. Also, the original Sunking had its points going counter-clockwise, which gave it a forward rotational appearence. I think it would look even better if you flipped the direction of the rays on yours too.

Overall this is a real winner. The colors, the reasoning, the style are all there. Keep this up Doc and I'm gonna stop producing art for fear of looking bad....

N O T !!!!!! heh heh...

Great work! Have yourself a cold one for a job well done.. Oh, you already DID that!

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...and that's a world I'd like to see!
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Default Re: National's Sun King rises again on the MD-90!

Sweet! Very nice, Doc!
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