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Lightbulb A Box o' Jelly-Sonic's!


Hey all... I thought at this time, I'd like to split off from the Doc's thread for a detour and present a little tribute to Mr. Girard's masterpiece of Airline branding. A 4-set of BI Jellybeans, Sonic Cruiser style!

This is my version 5.0 type, which I'm pretty happy with for now. Of course we Designers are never TOTALLY happy with ANYTHING we do and always seem to be tinkering with our "finished" work...

By looking at the starboard side we can see the double-wide #2 door. I made it this way so that a catering truck could pull-up and unload it's cargo in half the time, since access to the aft doors/cabin isn't feasable. I plan on having the majority of galley space here as well. The Girard BI Scheme is especially good for showing this feature too, with it's white outlined doors!

So, what is YOUR favorite flavor?

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Cool All I see when I see these are those Gemini 707-320's!

Thanks for the reminder! 808's
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Thumbs up Thinkin' we need these in 1/400!

This is good stuff, Dar. When I posted my latest versions of my Sonic Cruiser interpretation, one of them was in the Flying Colors scheme and I gotta tell ya, it doesn't look as good in those colors as it would in the Jellybean scheme.

I see you beefed up you intakes, very nice and the lateral slant is noticeable. I'm wondering that maybe you could use a more slender intake centerbody.

Nice to see this side and the double wide cabin door is an interesting concept. What is the small door next to the cargo hold door for?

Did you beef up the fuselage further? Seems the nose is more sleek than your last version. Or maybe it's just that black area that makes the nose look sleeker.

I believe the Girard Jellybean scheme also had the top surfaces of the wing painted white with the exception of the leading edge and the flaps/control surfaces. The horizontal tail was also painted as such. Personally, I think the Jellybean scheme was one of the classic liveries of all time and ground-breaking in its time. A uniform design but different by color. My favorites have always been the medium blue, dark blue, red, and the yellow Jellybean colors.

Wait 'till you see what I did with my Sonic Cruisers....heh-heh.....
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Thumbs up

Nice Jelly-cruiser's!
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Smile Thanks for the nice responses guys!

Well, Doc... when I saw your Flying Colors version, I thought the same thing. "Wow! That is nice, but I SO love the Girard 'Jellybean' look so much more... I bet it would look great on these!" So here they are, and yes of course we could explore so many other color variations...

I actually HAVEN'T beefed up the fuselage OR the intakes... the general arrangement is the same... it's all the trick of the livery. The black mask makes the nose appear more raked and pointed, the polished intakes make them appear both larger and more prominent. The color of the fuselage gives it a fuller appearence. Pretty neat! Do you REALLY think the centerbody in the intakes should be more slender? I really like the way it is now, harmonious with the leading edge of the tailfin... they both point to roughly the same origin, with the centerbody slightly in lead, providing a bottom-weighted feeling.

That smaller "hatch" next to the cargo door is simply an additional door in the belly for handing in smaller items or loading goods used during flight that cannot be loaded with the catering truck in the way. Perhaps it really is of no use and should be removed, but I felt that with only one cargo door possible, any additional access during loading would be helpful. It also would be an emergency door in case some crew were in the belly compartment during an impact. ... I WAS gong to go on about how I put it there for all of the "Terrorists, Heros, Cartoon Characters etc..." to use for access while racing to catch it as it roared down the taxiway or to jump from over the North Atlantic in daring fashion or perhaps to attach a tube from another spy-plane to during a mid-air seige...

You were right about the wings and horizontal stabs being white, I've addressed that now... I must confess, while totally aware of this detail, I completely forgot to include it! Just a stupid late-night oversight! Not very like me... I was so obsessed in finding an example of the Braniff International font to work over, I must have missed it!

As for the BI "jellybean" scheme in general... well, to me it is one of the great examples of corporate identity ever! From top to bottom, everything was addressed and included in the makeover. The planes looked SO good and SO moderne for their day that you simply could not help but think that THIS was the quintessential airline...meeting the jet-age head on, but doing it on it's own terms... To a lesser extent, Air West did this a couple of years later in the western US with it's (then) gutsy all-white look with color variations on the tails/titles... funny that now, we call it "EuroWhite".

I preferred the BI Dk. Blue, Dk. Green, Orange, Red and Ochre colors best... had they put the Periwinkle 720's into service THAT would have been my favorite... I'd LOVE to see a 1:400 version of THAT someday...

As for what you, Doc, are cooking up to follow your -100/-300, -300F versions... well I can hardly wait to see them!

He lives in a world of fantasy
...and that's a world I'd like to see!
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This will be eaten up....

Please visit my webshots for more pictures.Thank you.

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Default Re: A Box o' Jelly-Sonic's!

thanks for the reminder
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