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Default HM HA6601, EF Typhoon, 3 Sqn RAF, Op Ellamy 2011

Morning all, re-posting some of my reviews from a certain other forum

Should be widely available now.

The Eurofighter Typhoon doesn't need much of an introduction, but it truly is an amazing aircraft. While it can hold its own very well in BVR, especially with the Meteor missile and the planned Captor-E radar, it is likely that fully stealth aircraft could shoot first in any such engagement. The Typhoon does have some tricks up its sleeve, like the decoy it can deploy, but it would need help from forward flying F35's in such cases. And while current missile kills are likely to be BVR, rules of engagement and an increasing focus on anti-stealth detection and targeting could mean WVR engagements will still occur.

It is in visual range, that the Typhoon is currently king of the hill, especially at high speeds and high altitude. While the Su 35S and F22 sport similarly impressive thrust-to-weight ratio's, crucially, the Typhoon is much smaller and lighter, making it more agile and a harder target. While thrust vectoring could allow a Su 35 to turn inside it post-merge, it could only do so by bleeding off huge amounts of energy, putting it in a very precarious position if it misses, especially considering one on one dogfights are extremely unlikely to occur anymore. The Typhoon can actually increase energy in a 9g sustained turn, meaning the limit now is no longer the aircraft, but how long our frail and squishy brains can keep us conscious. On top of this, most missile shots can be off bore-sight, while both the Typhoon and the ASRAAM are very fast, so the first shot is going to be almost impossible to dodge. Over time, Tranche 3 aircraft will see significant upgrades in capabilities, including possible thrust vectoring.

This particular Typhoon is a Tranche 1 aircraft from RAF Coningsby that carried out the highest number of strikes on Libyan tanks and artillery during operation Ellamy. The intervention in Libya was a baptism of fire for the Typhoon. Most early strikes were still carried out by Tornadoes as they could already use Paveway IV's and Brimstone missiles at that point, but the Typhoons still seem to have done well enough with Paveway II's. Since then the Typhoon's air to ground capabilities have increased massively.

HM did a very good job with this, capturing the shape better than both Corgi and the Witty/JC releases. Panel lines are typical HM, but they are pretty accurate. Everything fits together well and was not too hard to remove, something HM has done really well lately. I would applaud the effort to create a new pilot figure for the release too, even if the head is swung a bit too far back. The colour is uniform, but I do think it should be a tiny bit more blue-ish, even if that can always vary due to lighting. The colour of the wheel hubs has been pointed out as have the movement on the canards and the weapon pylons. At least they avoided using the ASRAAM rails for the outboard Paveway's, but the ones they used are the same as the inboard ones, which unfortunately is still wrong. Apart from that, I think it's really good.

Using the stand does mean removing the sniper pod, but it seems stable on this Witty Super Hornet stand (and probably on the EF stand).

As for comparisons, I never liked Corgi's very much. The Witty mold was slightly better, especially the shape of the nose, but as you can see the intakes on HM's version are far better as well as the curved wing and canopy shape. And even though this was one of Witty's last molds that were really good, their usually superior surface detailing was lacking, as were many details especially compared to this Hasegawa kit I've been working on. HM have done much better and they also listen to the community, so they do many interesting operational schemes rather than just whatever looks pretty.

The only things HM didn't quite do as well is the tiny vent holes in front of the intakes, which they just left grey and the air brake can't be opened.

Here it is with the other NATO allies.

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