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Diecast Wings 01-26-2011 11:19 PM

47 RARE 1/400 Models, including DW Qantas 747-300 "Nalanji Dreaming"
We have listed 47 rare and long-sold out models on eBay, ending Wednesday, 2/2. All models are brand new in box and were originally released as far back as 1999.

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Dragon Wings
Dragon Wings Air Atlanta Icelandic 747 Athens Olympic Torch Relay
Dragon Wings / Flying Colors Qantas Airways B 747-300 "Nalanji Dreaming"
Dragon Wings Air New Zealand B747-400 Lord of the Rings Frodo
Dragon Wings Virgin Atlantic Airways A340-600 Japan Exclusive
Dragon Wings Continental Airlines Boeing 757-300
Dragon Wings FAT Far Eastern Transport Boeing 757 Toyota Camry
Dragon Wings NASA Space Shuttle Orbiter Columbia
Dragon Wings AOM French Airlines DC-10-30 WWF Wildlife
Dragon Wings FedEx Federal Express MD-11F Panda Express Original
Dragon Wings FedEx Federal Express MD-11F Panda Express New
Dragon Wings Finnair DC-10-30 "Moomins Express"
Dragon Wings Sabena Airbus A330-200 A330
Dragon Wings TWA American Airlines AA Boeing 717 Corporate
Dragon Wings Northwest Airlines Boeing 747-400 Shanghai
Dragon Wings Northwest Airlines/KLM DC-10-30 Split
Dragon Wings WestJet Boeing 737-200 B737 55322

AeroClassics Virgin Atlantic Airways Boeing 767-300 767
AeroClassics Israel Defence Force - Air Force B707
AeroClassics Braniff International L-188A Electra
AeroClassics Alaska Airlines DC-3 AC18182
AeroClassics VARIG L-188A Electra AC18318

Jet-X / AeroClassics
Jet-X / AeroClassics PSA L-188C Electra L-188

SMA / AeroClassics
SMA / AeroClassics US Airways Metrojet Boeing 737-200
SMA / AeroClassics Continental Airlines Boeing 737-200

AeroClassics / BB400
AeroClassics / BB400 Virgin Atlantic 747 "Austin Powers"

Gemini Jets
Gemini Jets Air France Concorde
Gemini Jets Virgin America Airbus A320
Gemini Jets Air Jamaica Boeing 727-200
Gemini Jets America West Airlines B757 "Arizona One"
Gemini Jets British Airways B737-200 2-Pack Boeing 737
Gemini Jets British Airways B777-200 Canada Whale Rider
Gemini Jets British Airways B777-200 Scotland World
Gemini Jets Condor B757-200 "Rizzi Bird" Boeing 757
Gemini Jets Dream Jets Cathay Pacific Boeing 747-400
Gemini Jets United Airlines Boeing 767-300 Saul Bass
Gemini Jets Corsair Boeing 747-300 "SEX" B747
Gemini Jets United Ted Airbus A320 A320-232 GJUAL495
Gemini Jets TACA Airbus A319 GJTAI149
Gemini Jets United Parcel Service UPS MD-11F CORPORATE
Gemini Jets Skybus Airlines A319-112 GJSKV801
Gemini Jets National Airlines Boeing 757-236 GJNAT050
Gemini Jets Eastern Air Lines Boeing 747-100 GJEAL310
Gemini Jets Delta Air Lines Boeing 777-200LR GJDAL777
Gemini Jets Delta Express Boeing 737-200 GJDAL196
Gemini Jets Condor Boeing 767-300
Gemini Jets Miami Air Boeing 737-800

Phoenix Models
Phoenix Models Cathay Pacific Airbus A340-600

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Diecast Wings 01-31-2011 02:10 PM

Re: 47 RARE 1/400 Models, including DW Qantas 747-300 "Nalanji Dreaming"
2 days left on all these models!
Click here for listings

Diecast Wings 02-02-2011 03:13 PM

Re: 47 RARE 1/400 Models, including DW Qantas 747-300 "Nalanji Dreaming"
All 47 auctions are ending shortly!

A few of the models:





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