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nurunet 02-25-2015 01:11 PM

Gemini 1/200 A380s: Qantas and British Airways
G2QFA409 - Qantas Airways Airbus Industries A380-800 - "2007s" Colors. With Rolling Gears. With Stand. 150

G2BAW422 - British Airways Airbus Industries A380-800 - "United Kingdom - Union Jack" Colors. With Rolling Gears. With Stand. 130

Dear all,

For space reasons I have to trim my collection. These two A380s are gorgeous but take away too much space. They are mint in box, never displayed.

I have determined asking prices based on purchase price, database prices at DiMA and recent eBay prices. They may be negotiable, especially if you intend to buy several models.

If you are interested in a model please let me know and I will take photos for you.

Shipping will be at cost, and due to the models' size could be a little expensive.

I ship worldwide after receiving payment. Payment should ideally be in Euros and by bank transfer if you are in the Euro zone. I will accept PayPal but may ask for you to pay for the fees. Again, if you buy several models this is negotiable.

Please contact me by personal message if you are interested in one or several of the models.

Best regards,

nurunet 03-16-2015 03:51 PM

Re: Gemini 1/200 A380s: Qantas and British Airways
A few pictures:


http://abload.de/thumb/20150316_g200_a380_bavxs74.jpg http://abload.de/thumb/20150316_g200_a380_baeuswt.jpg http://abload.de/thumb/20150316_g200_a380_ba9zskl.jpg

http://abload.de/thumb/20150316_g200_a380_babns51.jpg http://abload.de/thumb/20150316_g200_a380_backsms.jpg http://abload.de/thumb/20150316_g200_a380_ba65soz.jpg



While taking the pictures I noticed that the red at the bottom fuselage on the tail has a tine paint defect. Looks like somebody touched the paint when it was not dry and there is a partial finger print. See the last two pictures.

http://abload.de/thumb/20150316_g200_a380_qa76shu.jpg http://abload.de/thumb/20150316_g200_a380_qaqvsad.jpg http://abload.de/thumb/20150316_g200_a380_qakbs2r.jpg

http://abload.de/thumb/20150316_g200_a380_qagcsuw.jpg http://abload.de/thumb/20150316_g200_a380_qa7xsdj.jpg http://abload.de/thumb/20150316_g200_a380_qaxxsxp.jpg

http://abload.de/thumb/20150316_g200_a380_qajhslg.jpg http://abload.de/thumb/20150316_g200_a380_qay7sqs.jpg http://abload.de/thumb/20150316_g200_a380_qa6vshs.jpg

ramjet77 03-16-2015 04:08 PM

Re: Gemini 1/200 A380s: Qantas and British Airways
BA please, Pm sent

nurunet 03-16-2015 04:20 PM

Re: Gemini 1/200 A380s: Qantas and British Airways
BA sale pending

nurunet 04-09-2015 08:52 AM

Re: Gemini 1/200 A380s: Qantas and British Airways
BA sold, QF still available. Thanks to ramjet77 for being an outstanding buyer.

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