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Default Asking for advice from Pacmin collectors

Pacmin collectors! Please help a rookie understand. Are there different grades of Pacmin models? I'm asking because there are some tremendous price variations. I'm a long-time diecast guy, but I haven't really delved into the world of Pacmin yet. I love them, but they aren't always the most space efficient models to collect. That said, I have stumbled across some at VERY low pricing which has peaked my interest. How do I know what's worth collecting and what's not? Is it all about personal preference/rarity, or are there some budget quality Pacmin models out there too? I have seen some strange contradictory terms like "economy premium grade." How can economy be premium and vice versa? Obviously scale plays into price, but are some scales more collectible than others?

I'm not primarily collecting them as an investment. I ultimately collect what I want. But if multiple options are available with a similar criteria, I want to be buying the ones that will hold their value better. Makes sense, right?
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Default Re: Asking for advice from Pacmin collectors

Pacmin models are some of the very finest you’ll find anywhere, there can be no question of that. Graphideco from France are a very good alternative, and are more collector friendly. Atlantic Models are also high quality of course, and they also have supplied many airlines directly like Pacmin and Graphideco. Pacmin are very much industry orientated as opposed to marketing their products to us ‘ordinary mortal collectors’ Those categories you mention are just the different options Pacmin pitch at those airlines and aerospace companies which are their bread and butter customers, and it’s they who dictate the level of detailing on the models that they order. Their models vary from simple low spec desktop models, right up to their world renowned and beautiful large exhibition models, both solid and cutaways. Interestingly one or two of the Chinese display model manufacturers are now producing some very high quality models, and some airlines and aerospace companies are now using them. IMO, not quite up to Pacmin standards...yet! Visit the site:

Despite the restriction that some airlines put on the availability of their Pacmin models, some ‘slip through the net’ occasionally turning up on eBay, in antique/collector shops and even yard sales! Some airlines actually have Pacmin manufacture models for sale to the public through company stores. ANA sell a wonderful range of very highly detailed Pacmin models from their shops in Japan. Emirates also sell Pacmin via they’re on line site and shops. Personally, I’ve only usually bought Pacmin models relevant to the airline career that I had, so I’ve never really collected any of my models for purely investment purposes, though many do. You’ll rarely lose money on a Pacmin model, nor have problems selling models on. The collector/second hand market for them has always been strong, especially mint and boxed ones though I’ve seen those without boxes go for serious money. Their older models from the sixties make serious money too. Modern Pacmins are expensive but they hold, and in some cases increase, in value. In terms of pricing it’s the same old story, they’re worth what collectors are willing to pay for them, but like any other models there are bargains to be had if you can find them. Pacmin are probably the only models that are safe investments, if that’s your thing. Visit their website, it’s well worth a look, and has links to the various company store they supply. Almost forgot, most modern day Pacmins have detachable wings etc, making storage and shipping easier. Oh yes, better get that home extension sorted, these Pacmins can eat up ‘hangar’ space!

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Default Re: Asking for advice from Pacmin collectors

Hi DashSeven,

As MSR777 has stated, PacMin model are some of the finest models made in the world.

Many of the newer and smaller scale 1/200 PacMin models are considered "economy premium grade", as apposed to their larger 1/100 scale and even larger scale premium grade models.

The 1/200 scale models do take up a lot less space in one's home. home office or business office.

The 1/100 scale models can take up a significant amount of space for sure.

Should you purchase any PacMin models going forward, rest assured that you'll enjoy having them as part of your model collection for many years to come.

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