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Default TWA Starliner 1/72 ebay UK

Man I am really angry....Not my night

So more of a plea as the UK seller Boyceladd has just refunded me a fairly considerable amount for buying a 1/72 TWA Starliner in need of restoration. I suspect he has resold at a higher offer off ebay.
If anyone has bought this item I only have a grievence againt the seller. so any information messaged to me will be in confidence. Yes I know I should let it drop but it is a legally binding contract, so I will be pursuing this


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Default Re: TWA Starliner 1/72 ebay UK

sadly ebay won't do anything. won a 1/72 comet 4 for £155. paid seller. and he re-listed it. then sent me a refund as he said 'it didn't sell for enough'!!!! WTF! only 2 others bid. rang ebay and even though its a binding contract, they cannot physically go to his home and make him send it. in the end he took it off.

all you can do is leave schit feedback. that should screw up his 100% record.
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Default Re: TWA Starliner 1/72 ebay UK

I sympathise with you. Same happened to me some years ago when I won a 1/100 Cathay B777, I was the only bidder! Long story short, model never turned up but saw it relisted. Got refunded by seller who got really abusive when I labelled him a conman. I wish you well in your quest.


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Default Re: TWA Starliner 1/72 ebay UK

Found out I could still leave feedback so that's done as most negative without getting slanderous...., not that he'll care.
As you say ebay won't give a damn, but I have still filed a complaint.
So know I can't do much, except try and irritate the seller as much as possible....
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Default Re: TWA Starliner 1/72 ebay UK

Something you should do is make sure you go into eBay and block this seller from bidding on any of your own auctions. Sometimes they retaliate by bidding and ruining auctions you run because you left them negative feedback.

I have just blocked this person from bidding on any of my auctions. It would be nice if everyone here reading this would do the same. Maybe someday he will want to buy a model someone is selling and will find he is blocked from buying it.
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Default Re: TWA Starliner 1/72 ebay UK

I agree that most likely he sold to another buyer who emailed him after auction end. Ive had that happen to me severla years ago where i won a model for $1000USd and the seller said "someone offered me $1600". So i told him you cannot do that as its ilegal but i will be reasonable and offer $1300. I knew he didnt care that s why offered a little more money. I am not sure if he lied to me about another buyer so i would give him more money but to make a long story short these things do happen and sellers or ebay doesnt care. I once had a seller say " item got damaged" so he refunded me. It was a vintage toy sealed in a box so he said his young nephew opened it up. Yea right like he just left an $600 toy laying around for a kid to get a hold of!

Anyways, i also had a similar incident where i had a non-paying buyer. I did see him try to bid on the same item after i relisted it again in a few days. This guy was unbelievable. he tried to bid again to get a lower price again. so I first left him positive feedback with a negative comment saying he is a nonpayer(since sellers cant leave negative for buyers). then i proceeded to block him to avoid retaliation incase he won another of my items.

These shady buyers and sellers need to be called out so you are doing the right thing!
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