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Inflight200 Hawaiian Airlines L-1011-50 1:200 - IF011020 - ID#21866
Hawaiian Airlines Inflight200
Hawaiian Airlines Inflight200

Country &
United States of America
United States of America
North AmericaNorth America

Aircraft: L-1011-50 Scale: 1:200

Part #: IF011020 Wings900 ID#: 21866

Release Date: 2009 Disc Date: 2009

Status: Limited Production Units: Limited

Remarks: "1980s" Colors.
Window Code: W2 Box Code:  NA

Registration:  N765BE Engines: 3 RB211-22B

Approximate Model Dimensions:

0.00 cm
0.00 in

0.00 cm
0.00 in

0.00 cm
0.00 in

No Data Available

Classification: Commercial Next in Series: 

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Last Updated: 12/19/2010

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$245.00 $0.00 $127.00 15
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