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Default Hobby Master Su30SM pics

Here`s some photo`s of the HM`s new SU-30 SM. Nice to see they have painted the correct line aft of the Radome, and not followed the seam line.
Hobby Master Su30SM pics-1627303366-03633000.jpg

Hobby Master Su30SM pics-1627303370-29135600.jpg

Hobby Master Su30SM pics-1627303379-09147100.jpg

Hobby Master Su30SM pics-1627303374-86927000.jpg
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Default Re: Hobby Master Su30SM pics

Many thanks for uploading the pics. Model looks a bit sharper in details than HM's Su-35 (which shockingly noone ever points to the fact that it's missing a HUD)
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Default Re: Hobby Master Su30SM pics

Many thanks for the photos, Carlo.

Its already second thread here on DAC forum about the HM Su-30SM now, which only reflects how important this model is ....

Model really looks quite good with that tight front seam line and painted triangle. It really makes the difference. Also, maybe its just the photo, but even the tires appear to be matte (which would be very good news from HM), and wrong angle of the nose langing gear is corrected too (... anyway still only partially, the NLG is still only vertical instead of being kicked forward as on photo below. Details about correct NLG angle are in the first DAC HM SU-30SM thread here: https://www.diecastaircraftforum.com...-new-mold.html.

Anyway, IŽll rather wait for another release with both bort numbers being placed at the same angle L and R.
Also, bort numbers are placed too high on both sides.

* (almost the same angle as LERX / seam line is the correct bort numbers inclination on RuAF SU-30SM).


And who knows: maybe by that time HM will even add that visible stencil on NLG doors:

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Default Re: Hobby Master Su30SM pics

Same here. This 1st release does nothing for me. Hoping to see some SE Asian or African releases in the future. A Venezuelan non Anniversary/Special Scheme also.
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Default Re: Hobby Master Su30SM pics

One more point for HM to possibly improve:
On the photo below (and above) you can see that the two rectangular vented metallic plate covers near dorsal antenna, and one similar vented rectangular silver plate cover near the right canard are actually quite visible on real SM, and therefore should be printed also on HM model.
On the right side of the dorsal antenna there are two such covers (see photo), on the left side of the dorsal antenna thereŽs just one. Together with silver cover between last canon vents and right canard it is together four additonal silver or silver metallic tampos.

(Asking to print that white dot in front of the dorsal antenna would be probably too much for HM ...).

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