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  1. DC-10_Tony
    04-22-2019 11:01 AM - permalink
    Hi Franz. Thank you for the quick response. Indeed I see why these models are so well regarded by all of us. That is a lot of work and cost involved; more than I even imagined. No worries, mate. I will just have to find a decent alternative. Cheers.

  2. Franzlhuber
    04-22-2019 09:16 AM - permalink
    Hi Tony,

    well actually I wouldnt really like to make more of these models and sell them to the members. However what's hindering me is, as always, costs.

    Lets take a set of 1 container loader, 1 tractor, some dollys and a tank vehicle. Thats is roughly what fits on one etching platine, which costs me around 100$. I need at least 10-15 working hours for one vehicle: glueing, filler, sanding, spraying, decals, spraying again. Even for only 10$ an hour (which is kind of McDonalds loan), this would mean a price about 600$ for such a set. If I go with a more appropriate hourly rate we'll end up with a 4 digit price. Neither do I want to sell these for a thousand dollars nor is anyone willing to pay for it.
    You see the dilemma...
  3. DC-10_Tony
    04-22-2019 01:47 AM - permalink
    Hi Franz. I am in the market for 200 scale GSE, and seeing as you have the best examples in this arena, am very interested to know if there will be any made to order GSEs available to members.

    My collection consists of narrow and wide-bodied airliners, both in pax and cargo versions. It would be fantastic to arrange photo shoots depending on whether it be at a passenger or cargo terminal. So I have used one of your photos as reference and added the GSE that I would love to have down below. I would ask that there be no company logos, as I would apply my own if this were to happen.

    If this endeavor is too time consuming, or just isn't in your interest to make any more GSE, I understand. I just figured that I'd convey my interest and see where it goes. Thanks for your time, Franz.


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