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  1. Skinner67
    02-16-2015 11:51 AM - permalink
    I don't check in as often, here at DA.C or TDHP, but it is working for me today. Any luck for you?
  2. mar_ji
    02-15-2015 05:48 PM - permalink
    hi, scott....whateer happened to tdhp.....imnot able to get to their webpage for 2 days now.....any info?........
  3. mar_ji
    09-02-2014 05:46 PM - permalink
    nice to still see you active here, scott....lol
  4. Skinner67
    08-17-2014 05:56 AM - permalink
    Hi Mario. Good to hear from you. Hope you are doing well.

    I've gotten less active on the forum, but still picking up the occasional release. Not much room left to display them, so I'm being very picky.
  5. mar_ji
    08-16-2014 08:44 PM - permalink
    hi scott...its been a long time....lol....its nice to be back once again
  6. mar_ji
    02-14-2013 07:24 AM - permalink
    hey scott, just read info from aviation megastore...herpa ie releasing the worlds biggest cargo plane An.225 Mriya at 1/200 scale...take a look at the website....lol....wish that herpa could also do the C-5 Galaxy which is much smaller
  7. mar_ji
    12-30-2012 08:14 PM - permalink
    oh,well....still got time to get more glass shelves to add on tthe wall...as of now, ive just 3 and all occupied with my 1/46 plastic models....wish i got time...having tight sched at work...no rush anyway...btw i dont recall of you having an own My collection at forumer,,,you can start one just like what i have over there and having unlimited space for all your models there...ok?....cheers
  8. Skinner67
    12-30-2012 08:02 PM - permalink
    It just shows how low the bar is for entertainment quality these days.

    I just wish more people would share their collections. I really enjoy seeing what people get and how they display their models.

    How is your room coming?
  9. mar_ji
    12-30-2012 10:35 AM - permalink
    congrats...you passed the 10,000 mark of viewers....lol
  10. mar_ji
    09-20-2012 08:27 PM - permalink
    Hi,Scott...Ive been slowing down the last few months for so many reasons....Ive been refurnishing a couple of bedrooms with new flloring and wallpapers, busy at my job the last couple of months as the company has terminated all contract workers with the airline Im working with ,and also trying to save for a new laptop.....lol. Anyway, Im still keeping up now and then with the both forums but not active as before....I guess my active interest will be back once again when everything is settled. By the way...Im finally getting my own hobbyroom at home and create more space for my future diecast models....you seem to get very fanatic the last couple of months judging on your purchases as Ivee seen....lol....theres no way back as they say...youre totally hooked....lol.As for me, Ill always remain a military aircraft enthousiast....sooner or later, Ill be active again.....regards, Mario

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