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Default Re: The Wuhan Coronavirus

Originally Posted by Surinam Air 747 View Post
I also feel sorry for all these passengers because it seems that life on one of these cruise ships is more like a floating prison as none of the passengers & crew know when or how this quarantine will end.. and even if all these passengers get the 100% refund & another 100% credit towards their next cruise, it all doesn't matter if you have contracted the Novel coronavirus because your pretty much with one foot in the grave already as you can see how terrible this virus is spreading at the moment with still no cure in sight..
Yep. Looks like the longer you keep the passengers onboard the number of passengers who get infected start to rise! No surprise there.

The number of people with coronavirus on a cruise ship in the port of Yokohama nearly doubled to 135 Monday, prompting imperiled crew members to plead for help and setting off debate among experts over whether the roughly 3,700 people quarantined aboard should be taken ashore or left on the ship.

Cruise ship coronavirus infections double, exceeding the total for any country but China

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Default Re: The Wuhan Coronavirus

Ooops! Our bad. Looks like he had the Coronavirus after all?

A Wuhan Evacuee Who Has Contracted Coronavirus Was Mistakenly Discharged From a California Hospital!

A San Diego hospital says a U.S. citizen who was evacuated from Wuhan, China, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, was temporarily discharged after initial testing determined they had not contracted the virus. However, further testing determined the patient was actually positive for coronavirus.

A similar incident has also occurred in Japan — two men tested negative on Jan. 30 after returning to Japan on a chartered flight from China, according to Bloomberg News, but were found to have the virus following tests undertaken a week later.

University of California San Diego Health released a statement Monday announcing that four patients were evaluated at its hospital and tested by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for coronavirus. The CDC directed the discharge of the four patients on Sunday, and they were returned to the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, where more than 200 people evacuated from China are spending a 14-day quarantine.

Two flights of evacuees from Wuhan have landed in the U.S. in recent weeks. In total, more than 800 people have been evacuated, according to the State Department. All have been in mandatory quarantine since their arrival, where they stay at military bases in hotel-sized rooms and share communal spaces.

The hospital said it was notified Monday morning, however, that further CDC testing had found one of the four patients was positive for coronavirus. The patient was returned back to UC San Diego Health for “observation and isolation until cleared by the CDC for release,” the hospital said in a Monday statement. An additional patient from the military base was also transported to UC San Diego Monday afternoon for evaluation for coronavirus.

“Both patients are doing well and have minimal symptoms,” the hospital said.

There are now 13 cases of 2019 novel coronavirus in the U.S. Globally, more than 43,000 people have been diagnosed with the virus, resulting in more than 1,000 deaths. The vast majority of cases remain in China. The U.S. has established quarantine stations for hundreds of American evacuees at military bases in California, Texas and Nebraska, according to the Associated Press.

On Tuesday, about 200 people are expected to leave quarantine at the March Reserve Air Base in Southern California, according to the AP.

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Default Re: The Wuhan Coronavirus

Update: It is no longer referred to as the Wuhan Coronavirus. I am guessing the WHO received some some calls/emails from the leader of China and the Beer Company who makes Corona.

The coronavirus is now called COVID-19, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director general at the World Health Organization announced during a Tuesday news conference.

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Default Re: The Wuhan Coronavirus

I heard on the news last night the USPS is not getting packages from China, Hong Kong etc. due to no planes being available.

I ordered an item from a HK based seller on Ebay 2 Feb., and it is out for delivery today here in the US. Pretty darn fast! Here it takes me just as long if not longer from some lazy US sellers that have to have their mommy wake them up, they have to scrath their A$$, pick their nose, eat 3 day old pizza in the box laying on their floor under their dirty underwear and porn mags before they send my damned item!
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Default Re: The Wuhan Coronavirus

I've hesitated to comment on COVID-19 for fear of spreading doom & gloom among the DA.C membership, but dire circumstances are escalating, and I'm pretty sure our hobby is speeding toward a train wreck.

I spoke to one of my favorite American diecast vendors today, who claimed that (according to his information) all Chinese factories across the nation have closed. ALL OF THEM. And as a result, his company is forecasting product delays of up to six weeks or more—if the virus debacle remains at current levels. Which, by all projections, it won't.

I was clever enough to buy three diecast models from a Hong Kong seller a month ago, right on the cusp of this pandemic, and got them in fine fiddle. I'd love to order two more; but I can't, given that airlines won't carry them to the USA, plus the chance, however small, that they might arrive with the COVID-19 virus.

All indications point to this outbreak growing by leaps and bounds and eventually shuttering diecast factories permanently. All it will take is a lengthy cessation of business, and competent, skilled Chinese technicians will seek employment elsewhere. Those who replace this shortfall, if any, will likely lack the expertise required to produce quality product and will need time to restore output. In the interim, vendors across the world will make little to no money owing to few or no sales, most of them eventually going belly up. And when that happens, say "bye-bye" to the hobby.

This is an extremely depressing scenario, one I pray is merely a nightmare. But judging from the nightly news, the spiraling infection numbers, the burgeoning deaths, the foreboding forecasts made by at least four major diecast vendors I know across the USA, I'm going to call it and say we're in for a very rough ride diecast model wise. It's already too late to order models directly from China (if you live in the USA), but there's still time to grab a few from your favorite local sellers, who, no doubt, would appreciate your business.

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The only way this virus could possibly have any chance of infecting you from China is if you had personal contact with the actual flight crew IF they were even infected at all.

The virus would never survive outside of a host, especially from such a long of a distance as China. People are overreacting heavily.

Don't worry; our toys will arrive in short order.

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Default Re: The Wuhan Coronavirus

Any latest news about that cruise ship next to Japan with infected people? How is it going?
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