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Default The World ones more at the brink of War

Hollande warns of total war if MidEast conflict not solved | Reuters

One can only imagine and have nightmares what would happend if Turkey decides to Illegaly invade the North of Syria.

Most of the people in Western Europe do not support them as a NATO member.And most of them wonder if NATO should back them.

The tought of NATO backing up an Illegaly invading NATO member seems far fetched.....Or is it??
I simply refuse to believe NATO would blindly follow in to this if Turkey decides to do this.

If they do than it will be a declaration of War towards Russia who is still backing up state that asked for Russia's help.
It will leave Russia with no other option to answer with a very strong retaliatory Attack.

And alltough most of you won't believe it right now, this answer may come in the form of a nuclear strike.
Simply to draw a line. Not on a city , maybe a enemy naval fleet ..... maybe an enemy installation ...and no i am not talking about a large strike....small....but big enough to send a message not to continue.

We will see

If no one is willing to back down from this it might come to this.

Sure alot of counter toughts may include that no World power at this time has the finances to support a big conventional war. maybe it is better to just close your eyes and continue to sleep. simply ignore it all.

Just make sure you will put your 1/200 model collection in a radiation free bunker (that everybody has offcourse).
And if there is some space left ...maybe your spouse pets and children :-)

uh o yeah yourself too ...lets not forget.

Somatic dreams everyone
"There are still people in my party who believe in consensus politics. I regard them as Quislings, as traitors... I mean it"
Margaret Thatcher

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