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aviationcombr 01-15-2012 09:00 AM

Brazil wants to facilitate visas for foreign professionals
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Brazil wants to facilitate visas for foreign professionals
But the decision must be true only for highly skilled immigrants

(source: Brasil quer facilitar vistos para profissionais estrangeiros - O Globo)

Instead of queuing, the red carpet. Relying on the team formed by the Secretariat of Strategic Affairs of the Republic (SAE) to develop a national immigration policy, that is how the government intends to treat the highly qualified foreign professionals who have an interest in working in Brazil. On the other hand, the queue of visa will be maintained for unskilled immigrants, as many of the Haitians who have recently come across the border north (Acre and Amazonas).

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Project Coordinator, the economist Ricardo Paes de Barros said that if the government is careful, you can open a new round of European immigration to Brazil. To do this, you must remove the difficulties that hamper the process of granting visas. Although altered by administrative acts over the years, is still the Foreigners' Statute, a law of 1980, when the country was still living under the military regime, which defines the rules for work permits.

- As Brazil is now an island of prosperity in the world, many people of good quality that will come. But the visa queue is the same for everyone. We're not looking to see who will clinically bring technology - said Ricardo.

From January to September last year, the Ministry of Labor granted 51,353 work permits to foreigners, an increase of 32% over the same period last year. To obtain the visa, the applicant, among other requirements, is required to establish its eligibility with documents authenticated by the network of consulates in Brazil. Experts say the rules are too strict and subjective.

- If you wanted to bring Pablo Picasso, what kind of document I would have to prove that he is a painter? - Joked the lawyer Lara SOD Giovani Santos, a partner in a firm specializing in the regularization of foreigners.

The Spaniard Javier Garcia-Ramos, 41, will soon strengthen the statistics on the growth of immigrants. Within two weeks, because if he leaves, he will depart from Madrid to try a new life in Sao Paulo. Because the last four years of economic crisis, the number of Spanish in Brazil grew at least 45%. It is a professional profile that escapes between the fingers of Spain and punished it seems interesting to Brazilian companies, who receive them with good wages and participate, along with the prospective employee, the laborious processing of visa applications.

- The bureaucracy is more complicated than I thought. The Brazilian consulate did not serve too - complained to Garcia-Ramos.

The Spanish company decided to hire a Brazilian consulting legal immigration, indicated by the Chamber of Commerce Brazil-Spain, to expedite the process:

- Do not delay my trip because of visa. Meanwhile, I'm learning Portuguese and knowing the country better.

SAE would like to propose the selection process

The first version of the SAE project, prepared by a team of economists, lawyers, sociologists and demographers, will be ready in two months. The officials admit that the goal is to propose what Paes de Barros called selective immigration process, which prioritizes the "brain drain", but set limits to foreigners who come to escape poverty in their countries.

- You need to define how far will our generosity. How do we help alleviate world poverty and absorb them. Solidarity must be fit within the limit and that Brazil can help - Ricardo said.

The inspiration for the project, said the economist, is the immigration policy practiced by Canada and Australia, countries that keep the doors open to foreign professionals:

- In the 30's, St. Paul has received many European immigrants. And they came with the ability to do things, how to operate the steam engines.

For the chief minister of the SAE, Moreira Franco, visas are also transfer technology.

- It moves products out there buying. You have to drain the brain. Technology is in the minds of people - remarked, eyeing the unemployed masses produced by the crisis in Europe.

Executive of a travel agency, Maria Sanchez is among the 87,000 Spaniards registered as resident in Brazil. She arrived in Sao Paulo in 2008 and will renew for the fourth time because of work:

- My impression is that Spain is crumbling.

Instead of facing the bureaucracy of visas, the engineering company Technip has chosen to set up a branch in Lisbon. Opened last year, she has worked with 45 Portuguese professionals employed in the development of projects related to oil and gas areas in Brazil, without losing the national content.

HR Director of Technip, Prochet Nelson said the company faces difficulty to hire engineers because the Brazilian market is heated and missing people.

The previous government also tried to create a national immigration policy. The National Secretary of Justice, Paul Abraham, said the Ministry of Justice came to take the project to Civil House, but President Lula has not signed it.

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