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AIR FRANCE 340 04-28-2019 04:24 PM

Imperial Airways HP 42
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This model in kit form may be at the origins of the HP 42 available from the Sky Classics range offered by ARD.

The first HP 42 model was a joint venture a few years back between Tommy Atkins who made the master and the mould castings and Fred Hempsall who was in charge of building and selling the model.

Fred Hempsall made a few models but they were very difficult to build and in some cases, the task was impossible because of casting distortions.

A dozen was built by Fred Hempsall after a careful selection of the usable castings.
Derek Barratt bought ten sets but found them impossible to assemble again because of these distortions.

The original brass master was sold off and it seems it became the basis for a new mold with a solid fuselage the model was sold under the Croydon Classics brand available from CAM.
It is now part of the Sky Classics range and sold by ARD.

My model is one of those acquired by Derek Barratt, the fuselage distortions were present, also the two halves of fuselage had different lengths, the problems were fixed ...

Assembling the two wings was quite interesting, to make things easier, I had to make a jig, the struts (22) which were missing were made from a brass rod, each of them cut at the right length, time consuming, it was a long process but it was worth the effort.

The real aircraft was equipped with automatic leading edge slats which were always deployed at low speed for the take off and landing and of course, they remained deployed on the ground.
They were made from scratch.
Using pictures available, the center section of the upper wing was detailed.
The exhaust were made from scratch.

The propellers were a bit particular.
They had four blade but on the first aircraft each propeller was made with two two-blade wooden propellers bolt together at 90.
That's what I tried to reproduce.

To avoid the huge rectangles surrounding the lettering when using clear decals and the subsequent silvering effect, each letter was cut individually.

Using putty and sanding the top of the fuselage because of the distortions ruined the corrugated skin.
The corrugation aspect was restored with a decal.

The top of the fuselage was detailed with air vents and escape hatches.
The round windows ahead of the leading edge are those of the galley area and were added, the same for the additional vertical fins.

All the windows were filled with Kristal Klear to have the glazed effect.

Cockpit windows are decals.
The wind generator and the Pitot tube are made from scratch.

The flag on the top of the fuselage is the Civil Air Ensign, always displayed when the aircraft was on the ground.

Handley Page 42 and 45 were built to the Imperial Airways specifications.
The HP 45 were designed for long range use to Africa and Asia while the HP 42 were built for the European network.
In fact the HP 45 designation was never used, all the aircraft being known as HP 42.

The aircraft was very safe, for almost a decade it was flown without any major accident and no passenger was ever killed.

It was a large aircraft, its wing area was almost the same as a B 767 but its cruising speed was 95 mph, when the headwind was too strong, the aircraft had to land to take more fuel and complete the flight.
Depending on the weather and the headwinds, it took four to seven days to reach Cape Town from London.

Jean Pierre.

Retroguy 04-29-2019 02:04 AM

Re: Imperial Airways HP 42
Looks very good JP! I thought it was the Airfix kit, silly me...:-)

Argosy 04-29-2019 05:55 AM

Re: Imperial Airways HP 42
Thanks for the pics and all the info of your latest creation.

Sounds like your most challenging build so far. Looks like it was worth all the effort.

Argosy :D

Istari 04-29-2019 06:09 AM

Re: Imperial Airways HP 42
Amazing! I have spoken to Chris Sayer about this mould a few times and mentioned the similar points you have, I've never built one, as my interest in 1/200 has wained, but you have done a stunning job!

Aussiejets 04-29-2019 08:28 AM

Re: Imperial Airways HP 42
JP what an incredible build of an amazing aircraft and your skills, from great eye sight, fine steady hands plus the history.
Thank you very much

DouglasDC5 04-29-2019 03:15 PM

Re: Imperial Airways HP 42
Again, thanks for the posting of these very interesting models that you build, the modeling tips and their history JP. Really inspiring. One particular aircraft that I am interested at the moment is the Lockheed XR60-1/R6V-1 Constitution. I searched if they are available in 1/200 but it seems that they are only available in 1/72 and 1/144 resin. I probably would have it made with wood by Sergei in 1/200 if not too expensive.


Originally Posted by Istari (Post 2692074)
Amazing! I have spoken to Chris Sayer about this mould a few times and mentioned the similar points you have, I've never built one, as my interest in 1/200 has wained, but you have done a stunning job!

Ben, you have some particular models in your collection that I would love to have if your interest in 1/200 wains much, much, much further.:D

Dooltd 04-29-2019 05:40 PM

Re: Imperial Airways HP 42
Jean Pierre you have created a masterpiece, thank you for the beautiful photos and interesting history of the aircraft.

AIR FRANCE 340 04-30-2019 07:14 AM

Re: Imperial Airways HP 42
Thank you my friends for your kind comments and your interest in this model.

The HP 42 was a great aircraft, only eight were built, they were the pride of Imperial Airways.
As a model, it is certainly one of the most interesting I have ever made.

It is now in my cabinet, sitting alongside two unusual aircraft, a Bristol Brabazon and a Saro Princess, the next could be a Junkers 38, another rarity, only two were built.

Stay tuned.

Jean Pierre.

MSR777 04-30-2019 08:57 AM

Re: Imperial Airways HP 42
As I put in my reply in the 1/200 section, a beautiful model. You certainly worked hard to produce it. I had no idea about the automatic slats on the real thing, amazing for that era!


samu990 04-30-2019 12:40 PM

Re: Imperial Airways HP 42
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From a personal letter from Tommy Atkins, March 2000, in regard to his HP42 castings:
"I don't know anyone except Fred [Hempsall] who has actually managed to build one of them...The HP42 was never really intended to be built up anyway! I only made it because of claims by the Norfolk Group that their second B-17 was the best 1/200 model ever- I am not having that."

Once I found the Hempsall model on e-bay; it arrived broken, but I did get these comparison shots to the Croydon version. Congratulations, Jean Pierre, for pulling it off. Very nicely done!

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