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Default Re: Socatec Air France 777 = Gemini Air France 777?

Originally Posted by nurunet View Post
If you have a hint where to get the 772 or 773 cheaper (plus shipping & tax/customs if from outside EU) please let me know...

Sorry, I think I might not have been very clear on this. The models are priced EUR 89 at Socatec, that is USD 115, plus domestic shipping.

Arnaud said that was expensive so I was wondering whether they might be cheaper elsewhere. They are, but unfortunately I do not live in the US.

I checked eztoys for example:

Model price: USD 94.36
With 11% discount: USD 83.98
Shipping: USD 49.20
Total: USD 133.18

That is EUR 102.97
~3% Customs: EUR 106.06
19.6% VAT: EUR 126.85 (USD 164.07)

I guess the calculation is not 100% accurate (I never know whether to apply customs or tax first) but it shows that it's hardly ever worth buying models that are more expensive than EUR 45 (the limit for tax/customs free import) outside the EU. :-(

Yeah, especially during the Black Friday deals I wished I lived in the US.
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