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Take some advice from an old freight dog. Get a degree in anything other than aviation. It does not take a brain surgeon to be a pilot. If you lose your medical, get busted in a violation or ever have an accident (whether your fault or not) your on the beach. Have something to fall back on.

We had a CA at my airline ding two wing tips in the last 10 years. The insurance company finally said they were done with him. He's on to something else now.

I went the US Air Force route. It is my first and only recommendation to those seeking a piloting career here in the US. The pilot schemes are different in the rest of the world and for a boat load of money they will let you move the gear handle for your Captain.

I currently fly the B777F and have been on the B747-200F before that. I went through three other airlines, my regional job paying not much over 15K a year. I still haven't punched over 150K on the B777. Life at a major; if your lucky will pay better.

I'm 45 yrs old and "burned out". I've been almost everywhere and seen enough, hotels, commutes, airports, TSA and bad food to last a lifetime.
A few more months and I'm done.

Most importantly, go for your dream. When I was your age I received very similar advice from a Eastern L1011 Captain who was fed up with the furloughing and union issues. He told me to do something else and fly for fun.

I didn't listen

Being a pilot is like being a crack addict. It is all you want; it consumes you and holds you tight. Many times your stuck in a middle seat in economy commuting from LAX to BKK and you just want to scream and other times you see the most spectacular sunset or sunrise or manage that so oft sought "perfect landing" and you say it was all worth it.

Good Luck. PM me if you have other questions. Can't tell you much about the pilot schemes in AUS or Asia unfortunately.

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