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Originally Posted by Dork View Post
It would definitely help to get a college degree. Honestly, once you have a college degree, your high school scores are of little importance. Your college grades will carry some weight. I would suggest devoting a little more energy to English, as grammar and spelling can make a strong impression, either positively or negatively. As for money, that's good that you will have the means to further your education. What I was referring to in my previous post was people who have significant enough money available that they can simply pay to fly planes around, rather than spending the time and effort working for their experience. One thing that may help you would be to get a job, summer or part time, working at a local airport. A lot of people, at least in the USA, started off and gained experience and connections as line guys fueling and washing planes.
what if i went straight to a pilot cadet program?
so far my plan has been to go do the advanced pilot cadet program at jetstar as soon after I finnish school.

This cadet program is for people with little or no flying experiance who want to be employed at jetstar as a pilot.
It comes in 2 parts, first there is a long course which gets you all the nesseary qualifications and is at my local airport and univeristy, then the second part is the airbus a320 endosement/type rating and is about 3 mounths in hong kong. Upon sucessful completion of both parts of the program you are eligable for hire with jetstar as a first officer on an a320 (jetstar currently looking for pilots, lets hope they still will be in a few years time).

this program is eligble for goverment loans (HECS, ect: you don't have to pay them back until you are earning a certain salary) and jetstar themselvs also provide financial assistance.

do you think this cadet program would be a good idea?
would you still recomend a degree before this program, would it be worth it (how would it affect my odds in the pilot cadet program)?

at the very least i'll come out with plenty of qualification, an a320 type rating and a few hundred hours, just get a few hundred more and I could be eligeble for hire as an a320 pilot some place else.
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