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I'm not sure how accurate your pay figures are, but if true, they would be about two to three times higher than in the USA. I agree about studying something else. At the least, it would make you more interesting and educated. It sounds like you have a lot of passion for being a pilot. That helps to make the years of hard work and low pay along the way a lot of fun and great life experience. To successfully become a commercial airline pilot, five things that will help you are passion, money, hard work, connections, and luck. The more of all of those you have, the easier your path will be. Some people are fortunate and can substitute lots of money, or connections, for hard work and passion. If you are average in the money/connections department, be prepared to work and be poor for many years along the way. All this assumes you have the requisite aptitude obviously. Something you have that is also helpful is that you are very young and have lots of time to work on attaining your dreams. Good luck!
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