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Originally Posted by flyAmerican View Post
Hi James,
I myself am a high school student and plan on becoming an airline pilot. Ironically, one of my teacher's has a son who flies for Southwest Airlines and he and I have been in contact for a few months now, giving me excellent career advice. He says that he highly recommends going to a normal university, earning different degrees (as something to fall back on he said) and do your flight training separately. He says that it is cheaper to not go to an aviation university, although you wouldn't be doing your schoolwork around aviation. After you get your CFI either from the university or wherever you got your license, to continue to gain hours by teaching other students with less hours than you. He then says, that once you feel you have enough hours, to apply for an airline.

Remember that the demand for pilots will increase within the next ten years!!
thanks, i hadern't really considered getting another degree or somthing because i can't really think of anything i want to do other than to be a pilot.

if i don't get to be an airline pilot or it looks like i never will then i'm also considering becoming a helicopter pilot, althought not very good pay in most cases. My absolute last resort at the moment incase my entier aviation career goes down the drain is to join the police force.

thanks to all responces so far, keep them coming please.... James
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