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Question from 0 flight hours too airline pilot in aus

hey guys, I would like some aviation career advice please. I'm currently in high school doing VCE in australia and i have no flying time and i've wanted to be a pilot since age 2.

I've been doing research as to the best way to get from 0 effective flying time, to being an airline pilot (hopefully flying somthing like 737, a320 or erj-190... ect) WITHOUT going through the airforce (i don't like the odds of actualy being a pilot vs. the comitment). I an fully awere that it could take many many years to get from where i am now to landing a job at a major airline. I've been looking at jetstar's cadet pilot program and was wondering if i should go for it (but very expensive).
I would just like someones opinion of what is the best way to from 0 flight hours to major airline pilot (without going through airforce) in australia.

I am extremly enthusiastic about being a pilot, and if any of you are even anywhere near, are or were a pilot flying for a major airline, please tell me how you got there, and what you would recomend to be the best way.

i would love to start off with small charter airlines and move my way up through bigger and bigger companies to turboprops, and then hopefully through to big turbofan aircraft. But i would prefer it if i could do a pilot cadet program with a major airline to begin with, as i'm aware that this can land a job as a second or first officer with said airline.

i know i still need to do alot more research but i just wanted someone's opinions/advice.

i know this journey can take a very long time (sometimes an entier lifetime) and be very expensive, but i also know there are many ways to shorten that journey.

thanks to any replies....... James
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