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hmmm well i guess youre job is a mind reader eh it seems you know it all and the best part is" having done the job for 6 years, as well as many other jobs in aviation and other fields, I feel qualified to say"...tell you what lets pretend, why dont you qoute what you said about being a ramp agent to the dead mans wife and kids......im pretty sure shes going to appreciate your kind words " fun, easy, exercise, very little actual work, very little brain power required ".... and the best part " it doesn't deserve anything other than what you're currently getting" i dont know in BC but in Ontario the cost of living is going up and up, sometimes you have to take a second job to make ends meet

dude i know this man and he works his *** off so he can feed his family.... swissport's crewroom is just besides our crewroom so i bump to this guy once in awhile and have a little chit chat once in awhile

all im saying here is that respect this job... dont go puting someone's career down just because yours is better than the other guy.

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