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Originally Posted by beltloader View Post
I did not say that we should be over paid or im winning about our job....all im saying is that have some respect about this type of job....among all people you should know that....

i could ***** about how some pilots are thinking they have god like complex and so high on them selves but i will not...
By stating that your job is underpaid and unappreciated, you're implying that you should be paid more, and respected/appreciated more. And, again, having done the job for 6 years, as well as many other jobs in aviation and other fields, I feel qualified to say it doesn't deserve anything other than what you're currently getting: a paycheck and up-close airplane action. Having said that, if I were to lose my job tomorrow, the first place I would go looking is back on the ramp...fun, easy, exercise, very little actual work, very little brain power required, and a sun tan in the summer. I loved it out there
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