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Originally Posted by beltloader View Post
IMO its the most underpaid unappreciated job there is.... so when we push back your plane a simple wave or thumbs up is greatly appreciated..
Hold your horses there fella. A First Officer with Great Lakes or Silver Airways will take home around $14,000.00 their first year on the job, and their companies will work them for 10 full flight hours on a 14 hour duty day every chance they get. A lot more of them die each year doing their job, than rampies do...and there's easily 3 times as many of you.

I did 6 years as a ramper for a major airline and it was one of the funnest, easiest jobs I've ever had....be it in the de-ice bucket or driving connection bags during a snowstorm, or free-loading an L-1011 in the summer.

The job of a rampie shouldn't be appreciated or over paid. Get off your high horse now.

As for the poor fella who died, RIP. That IS sad.
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