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Default Re: Pan Am 103 bombing - 23 years ago today.

I was 18 and at college, was stacking shelves in the local co-op supermarket when it came on Radio Clyde news. Knowing about planes I knew it was going to be bad news when they mentioned the words "Pan Am" and "Jumbo Jet".

Some of my 'future' colleagues were filming a tv church service in nearby Dumfries, they got sent across to try and get some pictures. I spoke to them about that and some of they things they witnessed were extreme. A terrible affair for all concerned. No matter the motives, the revenge theories, the politics or the terrorism. Ordinary civilians do not deserve to have their lifes ended in such a despicable manner, whatever the creed, colour, nationality or belief.

It was a shocking event and it happened in my little country. Once again, RIP to all who were taken that winter's night.
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