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Default Pan Am 103 bombing - 23 years ago today.

I thought I'd mark this anniversary, having suddenly realised what today's date is. I still remember that night in Dec 1988 and hearing on local radio that they thought a fighter jet had perhaps gone down near Lockerbie, then the realisation that a 747 had gone down directly onto the town itself.

Ten years after the incident, I took a drive through the town on my way home from a job in northern England, they were switching on the christmas lights for the first time since the disaster. I remember being struck by the eerie sadness affecting the place as I drove in from the hills above the town, passing close to Tundergarth Farm and the field where the nose section and cockpit impacted.

Driving past Lockerbie nowadays, I still get a shiver just thinking about what happened to all those ordinary people going home for christmas. May they rest in peace.

Bombing of Pan Am Flight 103
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