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Originally Posted by Mr.747 View Post
sergio thanks I think by keeping the spirtit alive soon soon they will make diecast of these models
Seriously doubt that will ever happen. Most people have never heard of the airline. We like it for the memory of it, but most here wouldnt care for an ALM model. I do, thats why I'm having one custom made. Will post pics whenever its done and gets here. Also wanted the Dash8 made, but that mould is very rare to find and the custom maker Im in talks with couldnt do teh Air Aruba either, so I went for the ALM MD83 (final livery) and an Alaska air B737-800 in inverted colours (alaskaair.com livery). Such models have to be made custom and thus we have to spend more money to get it, otherwise it will always be only a dream to us.

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