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Default Re: Super jumbo jet clips another plane at JFK airport

Dumbojet? Dumbo Jumbo?

The entrance to the gates is where the incident happened. If you look at the image below, the CRJ, while it waited for a gate to open up/gate marshals to guide it in, could very well have been stopped at a point that although may have cleared any other aircraft taxiing behind it (even perhaps a 747), but could not avoid the wingspan of the A380. People that work there know that Delta Connection always blocks the service road that you can see in the picture posted below when they pull in. This builds up alot of traffic because they are all waiting for the marshallers to guide the plane in. Those that cannot afford to wait (there are many including vehicles transporting quick connection bags) take their chances by illegaly crossing in front of the aircraft. Some even go out into the taxiway in order to avoid jetblast while passing the aircraft from behind. When these aircraft usually pull in and stop, their engines are in the roadway and the tail is still on the taxiway. Now when the A380 is taxiing away from Terminal One (towards the right of the picture below) the left winglet is just about on top of the roadway boundary line running parralel to the taxiiway heading towards the left of the picture for departure. The CRJ should not have stopped there. The Marshallers should have guided the plane in already because the plane is not even allowed to pull in in the first place if there is no gate available. If the ground controller was watching the two aircraft it would still be very hard to tell whether or not if the CRJ left enough clearance for the A380 to pass. Its possible the blame will eventually go to Delta's ground crew for them not being there on time to receive the flight.

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