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Smile Re: Philippine Airlines 777

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Hello and Welcome Jetsetexpress! I'm a diehard DW/Jet-X (vintage 90's), fan (simply because their models all have correct engines/pylons arrangements. The landing gears are not so great, but for me, having the details correct for the mould is more important than the gear. I can only hope they (DW) will follow through and give us a more accurate airplane with this fix. I would avoid any brand new 767's and A340-300/5/600 as the cockpit profiles are a bit off....but all mfgs have certain issues with their releases. EX> Mexican A330-200. The Rolls motors look like barrels when they should have a slightly flattened lower intake and a tapered exhaust cone....I still bought it as nobody else is offering one. I want the new Hawaiian A330-200 on the same mould....but have been waiting for someone else to make one. Time is fleeting, so I'll probably end up with the GJ mould anyway. Happy Collecting. If you can, try to include photos of your topic...

PS: I say go for the DW version of the Phillipine 777!

UPDATE: Just went to the Dragon site. They have just released a Hawaiian A33-200.....with great looking engines! Yes!!!! Glad I waited.

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