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Unfortunately, I had the same issue with the paint cracking on the supposed 2nd release Eastern L-1011's. I finally received a good bi-centenial, but was unable to get a crack free regular version. The cracking on both of my Easterns was horizontal on the fueslage from the back of the wing to the horizontal stab on one side. I know I mentioned this before, but in talking with DK of Jetstreams at the January LA airliners show, according to him there was no retooling of the L-1011 mould to fix the cracking paint problem. He claims it is packaging/rough handling during shipment that is causing the cracking paint. Again he told me no retooling occurred when I specifically asked if the mould was retooled. Whatever the cause, to spend that much and have issues is very disappointing. That is why I hate to order planes because you never know how they will arrive and as my luck turns out it is usually my holy grails that end up being the ones that are screwed up....Frustrating! I have had the same problem with a coupel IF 8's and one or two IF 747's. In all cases, with the exception of the Eastern I have been able to get good replacements, but it does take the fun out of the hobby. Good luck on your replacements!

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