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Default Did anyone say "L-1011 Paint Cracks Eliminated"???

Well folks,

I received my Inflight200 Hawaiian Air L-1011s N765BE and EI-BTN a few days ago (see my post dated last week). Although some days went by, I am still pi**ed off since I discovered that N765BE has that typical L-1011 paint crack in the rear fuselage again.

We all do remember Inflight's announcement concerning the paint cracks in the L-1011's rear fuselage, following the huge number of damaged Eastern and LTU L-1011s when, in July 2009, one of Inflight's co-owners stated that they "looked at both the tooling and the way the models are made so that the QC will improve" and, after having done that, they were sure now they "have got the answers for this after some long hours".

Obviously, the hours invested did not have much of an effect - or the hours have not been long enough. The changes made to the tooling and/or manufacturing process did not eliminate the problem. I am still asked to pay some $150 for a product that features a well-known production problem that was announced as "investigated and eliminated". Don't get me wrong, I don't want to accuse or sue Inflight... but the fun of this hobby is going to disappear. I just want a premium quality model for the premium retail price I paid. I am not requesting anything supernatural or superhuman... just what I paid for: a flawless product.

Although the Hawaiian Air L-1011s are a bright and shiny release, I must say that - apart from the wrong nose gear doors with fleet no. 767 on N765BE as well as the recurring paint crack problem - the general decline in quality and accuracy of Inflight's L-1011 models is disappointing and increasingly making me refrain from considering their products for my collection. Just a few examples from the Hawaiian Air L-1011s:

1. Paint crack in the rear fuselage
2. Nose gear door with wrong fleet number printed on
3. Crookedly glued nose gear strut (leaning backwards)
4. Rolls-Royce engine logo applied in different positions on each and every engine and model (most of the time too low)
5. Dull and rough areas on the glossy white fuselage (anyone touching these models with glue on fingers maybe?)
6. Remaining burrs on main landing gear doors (another common - albeit minor - quality issue on their L-1011 releases)
7. Misplaced printing for the horizontal stabilizer's panel

I have attached a photo illustrating some of these quality issues. For now, I am fed up with their inaccuracies. I have reported these findings to Inflight but I do not expect too much of a response. Of course, I will return these faulty models and of course my retailer will try his best to deliver better examples. But... is this the natural meaning of how the hobby works?!?
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