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Default Re: Best 1/400 moulds for a newbie

Originally Posted by SilkAirA320 View Post
Overall, the quality of the models have really improved in the last couple of years. It's hard to find anything that's total "cr*p". You will once in a while find blatant printing errors, but that's not a problem with the mould, per se. It's usually a result of poor research on the part of the manufacturer.

The only mould I would stay away from right now is the GeminiJets Boeing 747-400.
Are you referring to the old or new mould? I was disappointed when i got my first B744 from GJ 2 months ago, the gears are kinda disfigured, the engine blades are silvery and have no contrast from the wings and outer engine shells, and the cockpit windows are wrongly placed. Winglets also inaccurate and too curved What did you see from yours?
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