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Originally posted by H.I. McDunnough
Instead of asking Gemini to use some old reject moulds, how about we all get together and ask Gemini to quit dicking with the collectors and return back to their high standards and quality moulds from before? What is with the Tucano leftovers? Ed and I happen to think we all deserve better. Even Gail and Evelle think so to, and I bet we could get Nathan Jr.'s daddy to agree as well.
I think that these comments are going way overboard. Before anyone forgets, GJ was the one who commissioned the MD80 mould and "stolen" by Tucano before they were able to fix all the mistakes. Now let's assume that GJ has the MD80 mould back, all they have to do is to fix it to the standards they wanted for it in the first place and there you have it, a mould in GJ's standards.

Everyone here is quick to assume that GJ will just use 'these moulds the way they are without fixing these first. Unless GJ has done something like this in the past, I think it's advisable to calm down first and give them a chance to prove that they're not ****ing you before making that very claim.

I have every single GJ model ever produced and I will stop doing so should GJ's standards fall. But unless I have something in my hands to tell me so, I shall continue to maintain a complete GJ collection.

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