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Default Re: HA38001 F-16C, 96-0080, Spangdahlem

Originally Posted by Ladia View Post
Spangdahlem F-16 "96-0080", 2020

I just wonder why HM added the white walkway lines as I don´t see them on the "96-0080" photos (below). On the artwork you can see them only behind the canopy and in front of the exhaust nozzle, but these walkways are very visible on top of the wings.
That’s easy to answer. HM’s art department likes to add easy fictitious stuff - like a few straight lines, to jazz up models. This is to offset all the skimping on accurate ordnance, camouflage demarcation lines etc. You know, making the model “look good” rather than getting it right. The vast majority of customers don’t research most models. They just need to look “about right”.
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