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Default Re: Possible Future Releases

I just found another one:
FedEx 757-222 (SF) N773FD with "100th Boeing 757 for FedEx" decal

Possible Future Releases-fedex-757-222f-n773fd-1994-l.jpg

Possible Future Releases-fedex-757-222f-n773fd-1994-r.jpg
my "wish list"
A319: NW last scheme; US Airways Steelers, Panthers
MD80: DL..interim, Deltaflot, FL, NW, OZ, RC, TW, US
707-320C: ATA
717-200: Air Tran Colts, Ravens
727-200: ATA vacation scheme; FX 1st
737-200: Presidential, UA Saul Bass lg titles, gray
737-300: CO last scheme; WN Silver One
737-400: ProAir, US Airways 1997 scheme
737-500: UA Saul Bass, Battleship gray
737-700: WN MO One
737:800: UA N36272 Star Wars
L-1011: ATA vacation, EA bare metal, TW last scheme
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