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Originally Posted by wildpig View Post
So does that mean we have no klm model for the tenerife 747? Then again i have several other klm models in 1/200 and various other scale that does have reg number

well, i got malaysia -MRO so i guess malaysia doesn't care or as supertitious?
Originally Posted by deephalo View Post
Interesting assumption. I can see some logic in that, especially when you see the astronomical prices being asked (and apparently paid) for, say, 9M-MRO (Malaysia Airlines Flight 370) or HB-IWF (Siwissair Flight 111). At least that is what I have seen in the past...
I don't recall where I read it. It was either on here or on another aviation website. There are also some KLM models that have fake registrations. Obviously, there are now hundreds of KLM models with correct registrations. And there are also HG KLM 787 & 350 models with no registration, so who knows? As stated above, maybe SQ simply didn't want a registration on this model if it was commissioned by them.

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