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Default Re: My first polished Qantas L-1049G

Originally Posted by AIR FRANCE 340 View Post
Beautiful model Steve and it is great that this fantastic aircraft has been preserved.


Jean Pierre.

Yes it is Jean Pierre. This is an ex USAF air frame that was salvaged. I had better save some pictures and post them in the 1:1 section tomorrow. This is very much still flying (no passengers permitted by CASA) Connie and it is the only one left around the world that is still airworthy. The tour guide told me Qantas fitted out the cabin for their 2020 100 years safety demo, applied decals over the wing tip tanks and the Connie titles. While many of the aircraft used in the safety demo where computer generated, the Constellation was this aircraft.

Qantas Safety Video

[120FPS] 'Connie' Super Constellation Engine FLAMES at Avalon Airshow 2017
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