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Default Re: My first polished Qantas L-1049G

Originally Posted by Maarlandair View Post
Strickingly beautiful model Steve. Apart from the polished belly, the paintjob on the wingtip tanks adds to its overall appeal i.m.o.

I have to agree with you. I just wish the red was a little bit more on the darker reddish purple side. The colour was known as "Qantas Carnation red" regardless, it still is a beautiful model. I would highly recommend it. I will attach a picture of " Connie which I visited a few weeks ago at HARS.

This Emergency Exit was built before fast food outlets really took off world wide ! Another sign of that era. Rope is in the overhead tray.

do you guys see the Qantas 1950' colour I am referring to? Also,if you have the Gemini jets200 Qantas Retro Roo II Gemini jets got this colour correct on that 737-838.

As I say there's not that much in it, maybe one day. I also loved stepping on board an aircraft built before I was born. Very nice I must say. First class was at the back away from the noisy props.

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