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Default JC Wings Tow Tractors

Recent, and very first, purchase of JC Wings tow tractor, in CX colours. Diecast 1/200 quite detailed product. The wheels move. Accessories such as witch hats, tow bar, step ladder and tow pins. I did not attach, or place them out because they are too small and easy to lose.

Enjoy the pictures.
Attached Thumbnails
JC Wings Tow Tractors-dscf9125_1623504721569.1.jpg   JC Wings Tow Tractors-dscf9116_1623504742457.1.jpg   JC Wings Tow Tractors-dscf9094_1623504758652.1.jpg   JC Wings Tow Tractors-dscf9142_1623504791733.1.jpg   JC Wings Tow Tractors-dscf9134_1623504810771.1.jpg  

JC Wings Tow Tractors-dscf9131_1623504840137.1.jpg   JC Wings Tow Tractors-dscf9130_1623504949305.1.jpg   JC Wings Tow Tractors-dscf9095_1623504971646.1.jpg   JC Wings Tow Tractors-dscf9096_1623505008979.1.jpg   JC Wings Tow Tractors-dscf9143_1623505029787.1.jpg  

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