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Default Re: ANA Official Precision Model - JA788A (NH20067

Originally Posted by crownvic View Post
Not to take away from your model as it is quite nice, but I just cant seem to get as excited with these ANA Hogan precision models anymore. Maybe its due to the outrageous prices they command and the fact that most diecast options have lots more details. I have owned about 15 of them back in the day, but just cant pull the trigger anymore. The only exception recently was the ANA 777-900 with folding wing tip. I will be curious to see your feedback on the JC model once you get it and compare the two...
I owned quite a few, too! I'm considering a Hogan push-fit 747 because they take up less storage space. I'm currently living in a 10'x50' 1966 mobile home but I'm moving into a shared townhome situation in a few weeks. (Living in London for 6 months each year is my priority, so selling my home and moving into a shared situation is helping me reach my goal.) If a collector is looking for a specific registration number, sometimes Hogan is the only option. There are many more choices of different registration numbers produced by Hogan than in diecast. I suppose if a collector is an ANA fleet builder, Hogan could be a better choice for them, too. But like you, I don't understand the high prices being asked for them - then and now.

Originally Posted by crownvic View Post
Yes there have been several discussions on those models over the last year or so. I actually went to the factory in 2017 that makes those and I was very impressed with the finish and the moulds too. At that time just a handful of 787 and A380's were being produced and I walked out with a few. Today there are dozens of offerings on ebay from dozens of different sellers. The only real issue is the oddball size. Mostly all are 1/150 but are finished quite nicely. They have also done a 737 in a larger scale too..
I wanted a Virgin 747 (surprise!) but my only nitpick is the black-framed cockpit windows. I had thought about buying one anyway and painting the frames silver, but my eyesight ain't what it used to be!

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