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Default Pics: G-VBIG - A Not So Common Fairy

I bought a copy of this model last April & even moved it with me to London in May. When I had to return to America in August I had no room for it in my baggage & was forced to sell it because I had accumulated so much stuff in London! I wanted the flaps extended version again & thankfully, JetCollector still had 2 in stock. So here's Tinks again! Many thanks to Russell for posting his photos of this beautiful model at my request. It was his photos that convinced me to buy the model last April. Unrelated: On Sunday, I watched 2 new videos featuring plane spotting at LHR. There were no four engined aircraft in either video, not even cargo. Don't get me wrong, I love the 787 & A350, but I'm concerned that I'm going to become bored with aviation in a few years due to the lack of variety of aircraft types. Everything is twin engined now. Yes, there are some 747s & A380s left, but nothing like before. I wish so many airlines hadn't swiftly & permanently retired the 747. I'm sincerely saddened about this.

I'm having an issue with the light grey backdrop I'm using when photographing white models against it. I suspect it's because I take photos outside in a covered patio. It's very bright in Palm Springs & white models get washed out against the grey due to glare. My backdrop consists of 2 pieces of 1/8" plywood painted light grey. Today, I painted the reverse side of the boards satin black then took a few photos. Yes, the back panel is satin black though it appears grey due to glare.

Aircraft and model details:
Boeing 747-4Q8; G-VBIG "Tinker Bell"
Virgin Atlantic Airways
Serial No. 26255; Line No. 1081
First flight 28th May 1996
Delivered to Virgin 10th June 1996
Configuration 14 Upper Class, 66 Premium Economy, and 375 Economy class seats
Gemini200 G2VIR766F, produced 2019
Special Notes: Third 747-400 delivered to Virgin; stored at St. Athan Airfield (Wales) 22nd November 2019

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