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Default Re: Exorbitant prices on ebay

There was a JetBlue “Blue Print” that sold for $2300 yesterday. If you go and look at the bid history, one bid was retracted at $9,999 and then there were 3 or so legitimate high bids in the hundreds. He started the auction at $250. This is a model I’ve been following because I have it but not exactly attached to it. I wasn’t going to sell it for $200 but lately it keeps going up. I listed last night after the first auction ended with a starting bid of $299 or you could send an offer. I got an offer for $400 and accepted it.

This is a situation where I fully believe people just put in a ridiculous bid because they really want it but don’t expect someone else to also use the same tactic. At the end, they’re not going to pay and it hurts the seller. I have now sold mine to one of the legitimate buyers thus reducing his potential pool when he inevitably has to relist.
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