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Default Virgin Australia737-8 with Scimitar wingtips

From the INflight200 family a Jfox release

SKU JF-737-8-033



The Split Scimitar winglet technology was developed by Aviation Partners Boeing. The Split Scimitar Winglet took it's name after a type of Middle Eastern sword with a curved blade. It features a split tip with one part curved upwards and the end of the wing and the lower second tip pointing downwards and backwards at an angle. These Scimitar wingtips technology assisted with the 737MAX development, but there you go with a little bit more 737 history.

virgin australia retrofitted five 737-800 aircraft to serve them on short international sectors from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane to Bali Indonesia, Fiji, Pacific Islands an of course New Zealand to save on fuel burn. The five aircraft retofitted where VH-YIU "Middleton Beach" VH-YIV Cylinder Beach"also released by Geminijets SKU # G2VOZ496, VH-YIJ "Pernington Bay", VH-YIR "Cactus Beach" this release featured here and finally, VH-YIS "Casurina Beach"

My first 737-8 Inflight model and I love the details. A lovely model I hope you agree. Please enjoy the pictures.

Focus on the detail of the strobe light and exhaust here please

and now this model now joins my united Eco skies 737-900 Scimitar

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