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Default Re: Exorbitant prices on ebay

I want to first apologise for bringing up this older thread. I've been trying to acquire (and reacquire) a few older models and it seems like it's an uphill battle. Today, I bid on a GJ Piedmont B722. I once worked for Piedmont, so having the model would hold a lot of sentimental value for me. I loved working for them. I initially bid what I thought would be a reasonable amount, but I kept getting outbid at the last moment. My final bid was GBP 231.00 (I'm not ashamed to admit) and I was still outbid. It ended at GBP 236.00. There's a United Saul Bass 727 on eBay now, as well as an Eastern 727 and I'm not even going to bother bidding. I'm having problems finding even models that were released a year ago for a decent price. (The GJ TWA B722 and the GJ Pan Am B741.) These prices are so off-putting and so disheartening.

GJ/JCW please take note of the market trends and release more of these classic 727s. Collectors are hungry/starving for them. At this rate, I doubt I'll ever own another model of one.
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