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I’m also searching for an alternative. I don’t sell much on eBay, usually some models I’m clearing out or some books I no longer need. Their customer service just keeps plummeting. Recently sold an old college textbook for dirt cheap. Buyer gets it and claims it’s more used that I said. This guy is clearly lying as my pictures were very detailed. I call eBay and they say I must accept his return even though I said no returns, or it’ll be a strike against me. They said if I get the book and it’s in the same condition as listed, then I’ll get my money back. So I do what they say, and accept this return request.

Sure enough, I get it back, and it’s the same as I sent it. But they don’t go after the buyer for lying - they just issue a credit to me saying it’s a resolution and still give the guy his money back. So they believed a user with 5 total reviews and didn’t believe me with 158 positive reviews. I ask what about my shipping you just cost me even though I said sold AS IS and NO RETURNS? They said the case is resolved, we’re done.
Really lame

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