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Originally Posted by aviation18 View Post
I'm a little pissed off I have to link my bank account now instead of my paypal account. I'm just trying to sell 4 models and I'll never be on Ebay again. That's what happens when a handful of companies that don't care about the little guy control the internet
That's always been the case with E. Bay. You have to have a link to your bank account in case you have no money in your Paypal account. If that is the case, E.Bay automatically take payments for your purchases from your bank account.

The missing B.707s still needed to be done in 1/400: Uganda Airlines, Luxair,

DC-8s still needed to be done in 1/400: UAT, Iberia ('80s scheme), Air Ceylon, Air Spain, Seaboard World (-63CF)

Aeroclassics Comets still missing- Dan Air (4 & 4C), United Arab Airlines/Misrair/Egyptair, Kuwait AW, Sudan AW, East African AW, Saudi Royal Flt.
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