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Originally Posted by billville View Post
A couple GJ200 Lufthansa 748s sold on auction this past Monday for hefty prices as well. Not too surprised, but the stark realization is starting to set in that these models are hitting grail status. Gotta get what you want when they release, so that the secondary market can be avoided!
Wow that's wild. I had always known these were sought after, but I was lucky enough to get the Retro model on consignment at a shop for CAD 220 in 2018, and sold it as I've been exiting the hobby not long ago for CAD 250. Granted this model had very minor defects. Whoever paid over 900 is silly though, you can still get them on eBay for <400 if you wait for the right seller as I've watched them for a while - it was probably just a "heat of the moment" kinda thing.
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