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Default Re: Exorbitant prices on ebay

I've said it before but I don't really care about shill bidding. What I mean by that is that I don't think it happens nearly as often as people think it does and you have to actually participate yourself in order to be a victim of it.

I'm not going to put in some high bid of $1500. I'm usually going to wait until the last 10 seconds and then put in the actual highest amount I'm willing to pay. If I put in a high bid of $300 and it sells for $300 then I got it for an amount I was still willing to pay for.

Now, let's say for example that the seller placed a shill bid up to $275 and the real, genuine highest bid below mine was $200. Would I be upset if I found out? Sure and if I had proof of it then I would contact eBay.

But what I wouldn't do is say I just absolutely want to have this model and put in some bid that was way higher than what I actually want to pay. If you put in a bid for $1600 and won with that bid but only wanted to pay $300 then you can go straight to your nearest mirror to identify exactly who is ultimately responsible for that screw up.
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