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Originally Posted by Autopilot1982 View Post
This guy falsely accused me of shill biddings and unlawful bidding practices on his Facebook group page without any proof. I decided to leave that group because all he does is resell models I sold him in the past. He buys models from other collectors to sell them again. He does not care about the hobby. I even got insults through e bay messaging because I refused to answer his request of selling him models. He buys and buys models other collectors sell at fair prices and then puts them on auctions. To me it's strange how same models he has on auctions sell on e bay at cheaper prices. Just compare the prices with the sold items and his listings. Makes NO sense. BTW his moniker is vintagehangar and entered this forum because was looking for a Lufthansa A340-600 and sold it not too long ago.

What is the FB group you're referring to?

I forgot about his ATA B722 25th Anniversary that was ending yesterday. Only went for 67 bucks, I would've bid a bit higher had I known it'd go for that low.
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