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Originally Posted by dennypayne View Post
You should definitely open a case soon - I think Ebay only gives you a limited time to get your final value fees back. I say in my auctions that payment is expected within 5 days, and unless they message me saying they're bidding on another item to combine, I'm pretty quick to open the case after that 5 days.
Whatís really weird is that the winning bidder has over 2,000 in positive feedback. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, and then sent him a message at the end of December asking him if he still wanted it. He wrote back that heíd pay in a couple days, and then never did.

Iíve sold a lot in the past couple months, so now I can contact the eBay Concierge Service and theyíre really nice. Iíll ask them what they think. I just want to get rid of the model. Itís been packed to ship since before the auction ended.
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